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nghp is a German startup based in Stuttgart. Since summer 2018, we have been working on developing a trusted platform for the global electronic exchange of health data.

The focus here is on standardised electronic Personal health records (ePHR). In a globalised world, it is not only important to have fast access to relevant health information in emergencies. A central, long-term storage location for health data is also of great advantage for people who live or are treated abroad for an extended period of time.

One focus in nghp's development is information being managed and released exclusively by the profile owner, free from the influence of third parties such as health insurance companies or government institutions. This also ensures the best possible data protection. To this end, we have committed ourselves from the outset to neutrality, independence, and impartiality.

Global eHealth exchange
In order to ensure the exchange of health data, our goal is to integrate countries with existing eHealth infrastructures via an Interface and offer countries that do not yet have their own eHealth solution a complete ecosystem including a web-platform and a smartphone app. Furthermore, while developing our platform, we pursue various approaches that will sustainably improve and change global emergency management, patient treatment, or the organisation of, for example, organ donations. These are our value-added services, when it comes to the health data of each individual patient.

In order to drive our project forward, we are actively seeking to collaborate with government health care institutions worldwide. Does your country already have an eHealth solution, or is it looking for suitable infrastructure? We would be happy to discuss the details and development objectives of our platform with you.

Let us grow and save life together aorund the World.

Local ambassador / political advisor
We are looking for health, economic, and political ambassadors and consultants worldwide. If you are familiar with the health care system in your country or are interested in developing political relations within your country's health care system, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Social commitment
In addition to future commercial offers, we are also looking for opportunities to use our platform and our knowledge in a sustainable way for people in need as well as for crisis areas - for example, with a cost-neutral eHealth solution for the poorest countries in the world.

More information and job offers will be available on this website soon.


  Last Update: Mar, 2019
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